Honeycutt Park

Honeycutt Park is a fairly new park in North Raleigh that offers some nice play options and holds the key to greenway connections coming soon. Located a short jog down Honeycutt road from Falls of the Neuse, Honeycutt Park contains a large playground next to a covered picnic area. Side by side next to the parking area are a sand volleyball court and two basketball courts. Across the parking lot from the courts, is a baseball/softball diamond used by local leagues.

1032 Clear Creek Farm
Raleigh, NC 27615

If you’ve ever been to Honeycutt Park, you may have wondered about the seemingly pointless little stretch of paved greenway that cuts through the property and dead-ends after several hundred feet. This stretch of pavement is one of the first steps in a the Honeycutt Creek Greenway that will eventually connect the Falls Lake South Shore trail to the park at West Millbrook Middle school on Strickland and eventually to the greenway at Shelley Lake. Since this stretch of greenway has been part of  Raleigh’s Capital Area Greenway plan for a long time, it was accounted for during the building of the 540 loop. There is a tunnel that runs under 540 where Honeycutt Creek passes beneath it. This greenway will be an important pedestrian-friendly crossing of 540.