Historic Oak View County Park

Less than 5 miles from downtown Raleigh, you can find Wake County’s largest grove of pecan trees on this 19th century historic farmstead. Historic Oak View is a Wake County park that educates visitors about North Carolina’s agricultural heritage. The 27-acre park includes several restored 19th century buildings and a modern museum. Throughout the year, the park hosts events and exhibitions, including the Oak View Tea Party and Holidays Around the World. The herb garden on site looked a little sparse during our January visit, but looks like it would be beautiful during warmer seasons.

4028 Carya Dr
Raleigh, NC 27610

My kids enjoyed exploring the Cotton Gin House and playing with the park’s resident “farm cats.” Apparently, the farm’s three goats are a big draw, too — they were mentioned specifically on the parks visit-evaluation form.

Here’s a link to the park’s brochure in PDF format.

(Apologies about the image quality. I forgot my camera and resorted to my phone’s camera.)