North Wake Landfill Park

Wake County has transformed North Raleigh’s “Mount Trashmore” into its newest park. This 36-acre county park is located on a 200-acre site that, up until 2008, was the location of a landfill containing 500 million tons of trash. The trash is still there, but it’s hidden under a playground, trails and one of the highest points in Wake County. Continue reading “North Wake Landfill Park”

Joe Miller Maps NC’s Greenways

Earlier this week, Joe Miller of Get Going NC! announced that he would be starting a project to map North Carolina’s greenway system.

In my limited way, I’ve tried to piece together information to help you navigate sections of Raleigh’s greenways and find the connections between smaller sections of trail. But Joe’s not just focusing on Raleigh, he’s tackling the whole state. Armed with his GPS, he’ll be riding the trails and collecting data. If you’ve got a favorite section of trail or suggestions about data that you’d like Joe to capture, let him know.