Camping at Falls Lake

This weekend, I took my almost-eight-year-old son for his first camping trip.  Some long-time family friends of ours have kids that are close in age to our children. We gathered the two families for a dinner including hot dogs roasted over a roaring fire, followed up with the always-popular s’mores. A bit before the 8pm park-closing, the wives took the younger children home, leaving my friend and I and our two sons to camp for the night. Continue reading “Camping at Falls Lake”

Brookhaven Nature Park

One of my inspirations for creating this blog is the adventure of finding out about parks that I’ve never visited. Today, I checked out the Brookhaven Nature Park, hidden just off Gleenwood Ave a bit west of Crabtree Valley Mall. Brookhaven is a surprisingly peaceful park that’s fairly close to some busy Raleigh thoroughfares.

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Durant Nature Park

Durant Nature Park is a 237 acre park located in North Raleigh, just north of I540. Park resources include five miles of hiking trails (some trails are designated OK for mountain biking),  2 lakes for fishing (and canoeing using park-provided canoes in the warmer months), an open field for games/sports, a sand volley-ball court and a playground. Check out the park’s features page on the City of Raleigh site for additional info.

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